BerryShield® (Elderberry 10:01 Juice Concentrate Powder)



BerryShield® is a 10:1 elderberry juice concentrate powder made from elderberry fruit sourced from Poland and the Ukraine, and is manufactured in Denmark. Each 1 kg of the elderberry concentrate used in BerryShield® is produced from 10 kg’s of fresh elderberry fruit.


BerryShield® is made with Promitor®, a non-GMO, soluble, prebiotic, FDA-defined dietary fiber from corn, and a non-GMO potato starch, which together provide protection to the antioxidants during processing and pH stability in the stomach. BerryShield® is non-GMO. It is standardized to a min. of 20.0 mg/g Polyphenols.


BerryShield® is part of a portfolio of immune support ingredients offered by NutriScience, which include Eldermune™, BGF-Immune®, InoPhyte®, and Benexia® ALA Chia Oil.



  • Food & Beverage
  • Immune Support

BerryShield® is part of an exclusive portfolio of proprietary ingredients supplied by NutriScience Innovations, LLC. BerryShield® is a registered trademark of Asiros A/S Denmark, and is supplied by NutriScience through a partnership with Innovative Natural Solutions LLC (INS Farms).

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