Immunity Linked to Overall Health and Wellness

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, consumers are more and more aware of immunity as the new gateway to overall health and wellness*. People are realizing the importance of immune support as a baseline for health and wellness, and brands are seeing an opportunity to create a whole slew of new products with “Immunity in Everything”.

Consumers are also more attracted to condition-specific or general wellness products, which contain a “dose of immunity”. Many consumers do not necessarily want a standalone immune product anymore. People like the concept of their standard supplements now containing immune ingredients with immune-supporting claims. For example, the traditional multivitamin contains lutein for eye health. Brands that want to provide a multivitamin with immune support are looking to add an immune support ingredient, such as elderberry, to their existing product.

Gut health products are also prime targets because of their synergistic effect. Scientists know, and consumers are learning, that gut health is related to immune health. A gut health product, such as a probiotic, which contains an immune ingredient, now can make a digestive claim as well as an immune support claim. Immune support ingredients such as elderberry concentrates, unique mineralized zincs, beta-glucans and mushrooms, can provide new formulation opportunities for brands. Many of these ingredients can be formulated at relatively low concentrations, to allow for space in the product and provide a sufficient dose to support a good structure/function claim.

The scientific basis for making immune support a basic health and wellness attribute is quite strong. Studies have shown that the digestive and immune systems are tied together. Stress, anxiety and emotional wellbeing are related to immune health. A healthy immune system means cellular health and organ health, which in turn contributes to a healthy body. At the level of basic biology, scientists are beginning to see connections between the biochemical markers for immune support, and other biochemical pathways in the body.

This concept of immunity as a gateway to health and wellness opens new opportunities for brands to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and provide consumers with added immune support. This concept additionally provides a value add to existing products as well as an entry point to other categories.

Now when the consumer looks for a condition-specific product, such as for gut health, or a general health product such as a multivitamin, they find additional immune support as an added “bonus”. They also gain a deeper connection with the brand that provides the right product at the right time.

Immunity is truly the gateway to overall health, and adding an immune health ingredient to a current popular product is an innovative way to stand out from the crowd and deliver what consumers are looking for.

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*NutriScience has been promoting the concept of “Immunity in Everything” for some time. NBJ (Nutrition Business Journal) has recognized “Immunity as a Gateway” as a new trend.