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Selenium is an important anti-oxidant that promotes a healthy heart, prostate, and many other organs and systems throughout the body. Selenium is derived from Selenomethionine, a high-bioavailability, organic source of this essential trace mineral.

The Selenium found in cereal grains like wheat, is almost all L-Selenomethionine.

Methionine is a sulfur containing amino acid essential for humans and animals. It is necessary for the synthesis of body proteins. Plants make L-Selenomethionine from Selenium in the soil. Animals consume their Selenium from their food sources. If there is sufficient L-Selenomethionine in an animal’s diet, it is incorporated into muscle proteins. Approximately 90% of Selenium, in the human diet, is in the form of L-Selenomethionine.

L-Selenomethionine has been shown to be more bioavailable than inorganic forms of Selenium such as Sodium Selenite. Due to its inclusion in body proteins, L-Selenomethionine is retained in the body for longer periods of time than inorganic selenium. This implies that the Selenium in L-Selenomethionine is efficiently absorbed, utilized and reutilized in the body.

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