Applications & Benefits

Animal Health

Ingredients to keep animals healthy, from basic nutrition to specific health concerns.

Calming & Sleep

Ingredients to help calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote better quality sleep that is more refreshing and restorative. These ingredients can help consumers cope with the “new normal” where emotional wellbeing has become a primary concern for the whole family. 

Cardiovascular Health

Ingredients to support a strong heart and healthy cardiovascular system. 

Cellular Health

Cells are the building blocks of our bodies, they are responsible for critical biological processes. Healthy cells support good overall health.

Children’s Health

Ingredients to support the healthy growth of a child. This includes overall health, cognitive health, calming and sleep.

Cognitive Health

Ingredients to maintain healthy brain activity and support normal cognitive function. These ingredients promote clear thought, memory and learning.


These ingredients enhance your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. Detoxification is important to support liver health, urinary tract health, and full body cleanse.

Digestive Health

Digestive health encompasses how your body breaks down nutrients. This includes symptoms of indigestion, constipation and diarrhea, and management of gut microflora health. One important tool in this category are Prebiotics, which feed the gut with beneficial friendly bacteria. Supporting a healthy overall microbiome is essential given the critical impact gut health has on other aspects of health, such as “gut-brain axis”.

E-Sports (Virtual Gaming)

Ingredients to help clear the mind, improve focus and provide the body with more energy to win in gaming.

Energy & Focus

Ingredients to help clear the mind, improve focus and provide the body with more energy to get through the day.

Hair, Skin & Nails

Ingredients to promote healthier, stronger hair and nails and more radiant, youthful skin. These ingredients can be used in traditional topical cosmetics, as well as in food grade digestible supplements to create innovative products tailored to the growing “Beauty from Within” category. 

Immune Support

Ingredients to help boost your immune health and support a healthy immune response.

Men’s Health

Ingredients to support men’s health including healthy testosterone levels and prostate support.

Muscle, Bone, & Joint Strength

Ingredients to help increase muscle endurance and power, strengthen bone density and support joint mobility.

Oral Health

Ingredients to promote good, clean oral health.

Sports & Performance Nutrition

Ingredients for gaming, pre-workout, endurance, energy production, muscle growth, and recovery to help you perform at your best.

Vision Health

Ingredients to support eye strength and focus, help reduce eye fatigue and help promote eye health during prolonged screen time.

Weight Management

Ingredients to maintain a healthy weight and body fat index.

Women’s Health

Ingredients to support women’s health including urinary tract health and hormonal support.