SunActive® IsoQ

Antioxidant, Cardiovascular Health, Cellular Health, Immune Health

SunActive® IsoQ is a new and novel isoquercitrin precursor to quercetin. This solubilized form of quercetin precursor is 25 times more bioavailable than quercetin itself. Quercetin has become an important immune-supporting ingredient with many additional benefits including allergy relief and pain management. Isoquercitrin itself is found in many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and is converted to quercetin in the body. Most supplemental isoquercitrin has very low bioavailability, making it ineffective as a dietary supplement. SunActive® IsoQ is encapsulated in an almost cylinder-shaped structure that offers a unique solution to this problem.

NutriScience also offers  SunActive® Iron, SunActive® Magnesium, and SunActive® Zinc within the SunActive® Nutrient Delivery System portfolio of products.


SunActive® IsoQ is part of an exclusive portfolio of proprietary ingredients from NutriScience Innovations, LLC and is a registered trademark of Taiyo International, Inc.

Features & Benefits
  • SunActive® IsoQ is a quercetin precursor – it converts to quercetin in the body
  • Highly bioavailable – 25 times greater than quercetin, as shown in a clinical study
  • Patented production process
  • Soluble in water – suitable for beverage and other water-based applications
  • Dietary Supplements
    • Capsules
    • Tablets
    • Gummies & Confectionaries
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
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Mechanism of Action

SunActive® IsoQ is hydrolyzed by α-amylase, and isoquercetin is released and hydrolyzed on the surface of the small intestine by LPH, one of human digestive enzymes. The resulting quercetin is absorbed into the body immediately after the hydrolysis.

Clinical Studies

A human bioavailability study conducted specifically with SunActive® IsoQ shows it to be 25 times more bioavailable than quercetin (AUC0-6 hrs) [Japan Pharmacol. Therap., 2020].

Quercetin has been extensively studied for immune support, healthy anti-inflammatory effects, allergy symptom relief, and healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular function. This highly versatile polyphenolic can be used in many benefit areas. The reason for limited application currently is quercetin’s poor solubility and bioavailability.

Formulating with SunActive® IsoQ

SunActive® IsoQ is a yellow, odorless powder that is quickly and completely soluble in water. It is a versatile, highly bioavailable precursor to quercetin and is suitable for both powder and liquid applications including tablets, capsules, beverages, gummies, soft chews, etc. It is a perfect replacement for quercetin in multicomponent formulas, or as a source of quercetin in new formulas.


SunActive® IsoQ is independent GRAS, based on an independent panel review of the chemistry, toxicology and other pertinent information on the ingredient.

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