NutriGP® Portfolio of Mineral Glycerophosphates

NutriGP® Portfolio of Mineral Glycerophosphates

Sports & Performance Nutrition, Functional Foods & Beverages, Oral Health, Calming & Sleep, Muscle, Bone & Joint Strength, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Animal Health


Mineral Glycerophosphates are bioavailable minerals which provide both Glycerophosphates and mineral content. Glycerophosphates are also involved in ketogenic and glucogenic pathways. NutriScience offers customers NutriGP®, a portfolio of 5 mineral Glycerophosphates for use in a variety of nutritional applications, including dietary ingredients, sports nutrition, ketogenic formulas, functional foods and beverages fortification, oral care and animal health products.  The NutriGP® mineral Glycerophosphate line includes Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Sodium.

NutriGP® Portfolio of Mineral Glycerophosphate Ingredients
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