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Ingredients Matter.

Exceptional products are built on a foundation of quality, technology and research. With over 25 years of industry and technical knowledge, we have the expertise to develop the most innovative proprietary ingredients backed by science that deliver critical health benefits to consumers. Our unparalleled sourcing abilities and deep networks can help you locate the most unique ingredients for your formulas, and our strong supply chain team efficiently delivers ingredients to our customers located anywhere in the world. More than just your ingredient supplier – we are your innovation partner.

We Raise the Bar with Innovation and Science

We have scoured the earth in search of new and unique ingredients so that our customers can be truly innovative. Each new ingredient is backed by clinical research, guaranteed quality and unparalleled customer service. We provide a solid foundation for ground-breaking new product ideas.

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The benefits of nutritional ingredients have been well researched. Each benefit below links to innovative ingredients that can help you develop better products for the consumers you serve.

Calming & Sleep
Cognitive Health
Digestive Health
Energy & Focus
Immune Health
Muscle, Bone & Joint
Sports Performance
Weight Management

Featured Proprietary Ingredients

Ingredients Matter. Our proprietary branded ingredients are backed by scientific research and marketing support. Click on a brand below to learn more!

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