High Purity Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans (Water Extracted)

Cognitive Health, Energy & Focus, Sports & Performance Nutrition, Weight Management

InnovaBean™ is a high purity, water extracted, natural caffeine produced from green coffee beans (Coffea canephora, aka robusta). Green coffee beans are one of the most abundant plant sources of natural caffeine. Caffeine triggers a range of performance-specific benefits including improved focus, elevated alertness, faster reaction time, reduced fatigue and increased endurance.

InnovaBean™ is part of the Innova Family of natural caffeine ingredients including InnovaTea® and InnovaGreen. The Innova Natural Caffeine Family includes high purity, plant-based caffeine options, all featuring naturally derived, sustainable sources of caffeine. These three natural caffeine options offer natural, clean energy that can be used to replace chemically synthesized caffeine anhydrous; they provide energy without the added sugar or calories. All three Innova Natural Caffeine options are extremely versatile, offering excellent solubility and flexible use in a variety of applications.

 InnovaBean™, InnovaGreen™  and InnovaTea® are trademarks of NutriScience Innovations, LLC.

Features & Benefits
    • Highly soluble in water; ideal for beverage use
    • Solvent-free production process
    • Fully traceable back to the farm
    • Sustainable farming practices used including water-saving irrigation
    • Natural Energy source; can be used to replace chemically synthesized caffeine anhydrous
    • Energizing effects without the added sugar or calories
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
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Natural vs. Synthetic Caffeine

Natural caffeine is structurally identical to the chemical form of synthetic caffeine; it offers the same benefits but is isolated from a natural source. Analytical chemistry methods (carbon radioisotope analysis and Infrared Spectroscopy) are able to distinguish natural caffeine from its synthetic form.

Consumer Perceptions on Caffeine Sources

A recent consumer survey shows that most respondents prefer natural caffeine as a healthier option when compared to chemically synthesized caffeine.

Formulating With InnovaBean

InnovaBean™ can be formulated into capsules, tablets, gummies, candies, and functional foods and beverages including stick packs and RTD.


Caffeine is safe up to 400 mg per day. Caffeine is FDA GRAS [21CFR182.1180] (<0.02% in beverages) and is EU compliant (>150 mg requires a “High Caffeine Content” statement).

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