BGF-Immune® 1,3-Beta-Glucan


Immune Health, Animal Health

BGF-Immune® is a clinically studied, immune support ingredient containing high purity 1,3-Beta-Glucan produced via a unique fermentation process. 1,3-Beta-Glucan supports healthy immune function by working on the cells of the innate immune defense system to mobilize a complex set of immune defense mechanisms. This ultimately enhances the body’s immune response to maintain overall health and wellness.

General research shows that immune function receptor bindings are specific to 1,3 linkages. Unlike other sources of Beta-Glucan from barley, oats, mushrooms and yeast that report a combined total of (1,3 & 1,4) or (1,3 & 1,6) Beta-Glucans, BGF-Immune® contains high purity 1,3 linkages with virtually no 1,4 or 1,6 linkages. It is the 1,3 linkage that is specifically associated with immune health.

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BGF-Immune® is a registered trademark of NutriScience Innovations, LLC.

Features & Benefits
  • High purity 1,3-beta-glucan linkages
  • Enhanced Bioavailability – Lower Molecular Weight
  • Produced via a unique fermentation method without the use of solvents
  • Clinically studied for immune function
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
  • Animal Health
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Mechanism of Action

Beta-1,3-glucans support the body’s immune system by enhancing the action of macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells.

Formulating with BGF-Immune®
  • Use BGF-Immune® (1,3-Beta-Glucan) as a cost-effective option to replace other beta-glucans containing both 1,3 & 1,6 linkages.
  • BGF-Immune® can be formulated into capsules, tablets, softgels, gummies, candies and more.
Label Transparency

BGF-Immune® is 85% 1,3-ß-Glucan with no excipients or carriers.

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