Today’s consumers increasingly seek to achieve an active lifestyle – this means reducing levels of fatigue, increasing energy throughout the day, and stepping away from a sedentary lifestyle. The concept of an active lifestyle strives to incorporate movement into everything we do; not just going to the gym as a single activity. Some examples of an active lifestyle include taking the stairs instead of the escalator, maintaining a home garden, or walking to work. Although these individual actions seem small, over time they add up and contribute to our health and longevity. There have been several studies showing that the sum of all daily activities has the same impact on cardiovascular and general health as doing it all at once, one time during the day.

The dietary supplement industry has always supported general health and condition-specific health. Now, with consumers wanting more energy – in itself, and to support an active lifestyle – ingredients that encourage this are in the spotlight. There is renewed opportunity to use old and new dietary ingredients to create fresh, innovative formulas that can help motivate consumers and provide added support for their active lifestyle goals.

Boosting Energy

There are many dietary ingredients which can support increases in energy and reductions in fatigue. These include a tried and true standby – caffeine – but with a twist. As consumers reach for more natural options across all buying areas, caffeine is no exception. Rather than having to rely on synthetic caffeine (the majority of energy drinks and soft drinks sold today), formulators can use tea (InnovaTea®) and coffee bean (InnovaBean™) extracted caffeine options to provide consumers with the same energy benefit, as well as the additional naturally-derived and sustainably grown narrative.

Fighting Fatigue

To target fatigue, there are now innovative ingredient options, like moringa seed extract (MorActive®), that have been clinically studied to support a reduction in fatigue at a low dose of 60 mg. In addition to fighting fatigue, moringa seed extract benefits consumers in their active lifestyle goals by relieving back discomfort. In a clinical study, 60 mg significantly decreased lower back discomfort, an issue that affects many people – especially those who are stuck in a sedentary lifestyle. By both addressing fatigue and back discomfort, moringa seed extract works as a multi-benefit ingredient for those seeking to lead an active lifestyle.

Nootropics and Adaptogens

As we move more directly into the active lifestyle arena, Ashwagandha is one ingredient that stands out; high purity options can help to increase testosterone (in males) and increase DHEA. Shoden® ashwagandha extract offers an industry-leading 35% withanolide glycoside content, and is the most bioavailable ashwagandha product that offers clinically proven benefits at the lowest dose on the market. For a more in-depth look at how Shoden® stacks up against other ashwagandha ingredients, click here.

Another nootropic ingredient option is high-purity L-theanine (Suntheanine®), which has clinical research to support reduction of stress, increased relaxation, and improved focus. Both ashwagandha and L-theanine can help consumers recharge and maintain an active lifestyle. Suntheanine® has short term effects (you can feel relaxation within the hour), while Shoden® provides these benefits over 24 hours (circulating withanolides in the blood). Both ingredients have also been clinically shown to improve sleep quality and quantity – sleep helps rejuvenate and reinvigorate the body for an energetic and active lifestyle the next day.

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