The natural products ingredient market offers a nearly endless array of options, from commodity ingredients to highly specialized branded ingredients trying to fulfill a niche in the market. As in any marketplace, there is a wide spectrum when it comes to ingredient quality, supplier support, market relevance and value.  One of the most important questions early in this process to ensure a successful product should always be – What Do Consumers Value?

Fulfilling Consumer Demand

Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable than ever and are increasingly aware that ingredients are not created equal. They seek products with scientific backing, but also a feel-good story they can relate to. Consumers want products containing recognizable branded ingredients which represent trust, transparency and high quality, and ingredients with defined health benefits. They also want high-quality products that they can feel confident about.


High-quality ingredients demand high-quality studies supporting their efficacy. This requires good study design which comes from an understanding of consumers’ wants and needs – not just from an understanding of what the ingredient can do. Well-designed studies can yield strong claims that brands can translate into the benefits that their customers seek. NutriScience raises the bar with innovation and science, by scouring the earth in  search of new and unique ingredients so that our customers can be truly innovative. Each new ingredient is backed by clinical research, guaranteed quality and unparalleled customer service. We provide a solid foundation for ground-breaking new product ideas.

The Story

Sustainability and traceability have become mainstream. There is an increasing desire to know and market the story of an ingredient, from farm to bottle. This allows consumers to know the farms and farmers who grow the botanicals, the processing facilities that produce the product, and each step along the way until it reaches the consumer’s hands. Companies can further detail efforts taken to reduce their carbon footprint, and how these ingredients benefit the communities from where they originate. NutriScience understands that the health and wellbeing of our planet and the people involved in the supply chain is a growing concern to both brands and consumers alike. We strongly believe that sustainability positively impacts everyone who touches the product from the farmer who harvested the plants to the consumer who ultimately benefits. Sustainability aligns with our core values, and it remains a focus in our ongoing effort to serve both our customers and the planet well.

Branded Ingredients Consumers Recognize

Consumers want to understand what is in the bottle and how it can benefit them. They want to know what the key ingredients are, what they do and the science behind them. A good supply partner will help your product achieve success in the market through collaborative efforts that increase consumer awareness through consumer-focused marketing and education on these branded ingredients.

Choosing a branded ingredient for your product is no easy task, you want to have full confidence in both the ingredient and the company providing it to ensure that you are setting your product up for success. Any ingredient under consideration should have all of this. Not just an ingredient sold at a price per kilo. Starting with the right branded ingredient will provide a strong foundation from which you can build an innovative product that can deliver exactly what today’s consumers want.

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