NutriScience Innovations is a leading global supplier of fine quality nutritional, dietary and functional food ingredients and raw materials.

About NSI


NutriScience Innovations, LLC is a leading global supplier of fine quality nutritional and functional food ingredients. NutriScience continues to research new and innovative products based on scientific and clinical documentation. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions for our customers in the Nutritional, Nutraceutical, Functional Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care/Cosmetic Industries.

Quality Mission Statement


NutriScience Innovations, LLC strives to provide the highest quality ingredients and raw materials to a diverse range of companies in U.S.A. and throughout the world. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled customer service and continually endeavor to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, safety & service by staying at the forefront of science & innovation.

GMP Certified Supplier


SGS thoroughly reviewed and evaluated every aspect of NutriScience’s operations including its standard operating procedures (SOP), facility design and maintenance, supplier validation program, employee training and all other aspects of its day to day operations to confirm it compliance to both 21 CFR Part 111 & Codex Alimentarius cGMP requirements. NutriScience is audited every year by SGS to maintain its GMP certification.

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