Emerging Ingredients & Trends in the Beauty from Within Category

Consumer awareness about ingestible beauty products for skin, hair and nail health has increased dramatically over the past few years. An analysis by Verify Markets showed that the US women’s beauty supplement market was valued at over $1.1 billion in 2020, and was expected to continue growing. In 2020, Innova Market Insights named “Eat Pretty” as one of their top ten trends of the year. Beauty from Within has also been described as “ingestible beauty” and “inside-out beauty”, since the products are taken as a supplement, chew or bar.

There are many categories in the beauty industry, including hydration, sun care, aftercare, etc. Anti-aging products, which provide for smooth skin, silky hair, and strong nails, are one of the largest groups. As a part of this category, two new product types have emerged. The first product type is detox programs. They were popular at home during COVID-19 and are now becoming more popular with consumers. Detoxification is a prelude to beauty, and with an emphasis on immune health, consumers are becoming more aware of the connection between beauty and immunity. This leads to the second beauty product focus – the microbiome. With new research into the gut-skin axis (an extension of the gut-brain axis), opportunities open for gut-support products like probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics to help with beauty.

Unique Ingredients for Skin, Hair & Nail Health

What kinds of products are consumers looking for in the Beauty from Within category? Ingredients that support the development of firmer skin and whose use leads to fewer wrinkles, such as hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed elastin and collagen, are in demand. Biotin is a perennial vitamin favorite for hair and nails. Prebiotic and probiotic formulas are growing in interest specifically for supporting the microbiome. Consumers are seeing the need for immune ingredients with antioxidant benefits such as vitamin C, elderberry, and quercetin to help support their beauty regimen. Plant extracts, such as ashwagandha extract, usually focused on stress and sleep, have a Beauty from Within component to them – and consumers are looking for botanicals with such properties. Another popular ingredient is ceramides, lipids that make up 30-40% of the skin barrier. Mushrooms, such as cordyceps, are finding their place in the Beauty from Within category as well. Certain amino acids, such as cysteine, arginine, methionine and lysine have been shown to provide support for hair, skin and nails. And of course, hyaluronic acid for skin hydration is well-known to consumers.

New Delivery Systems

Other aspects of the Beauty from Within category that will see growth and change are new delivery systems – such as beverages, gummies and extracts. However, these are highly dependent on a product tasting good. A poor-tasting product, even one with attractive packaging, will detract from the beautifying benefits as this is an experiential category. The taste, texture, and overall aesthetic is key. Packaging is critical to the perception of beauty, and this is true for Beauty from Within as well. Beautiful packaging implies beauty in the product. However, other aspects of packaging – sustainability and shelf stability – are also needed to entice the consumer and support the products. Another commercial aspect of the Beauty from Within category is that it is highly amenable to e-commerce. Consumers like to test topical products before purchase – how they feel and how they smell. But they have less need to test Beauty from Within products – so e-commerce is a perfect storefront.

Science & Continued Growth

As you can see, there are several key ingredient options for consumers in the Beauty from Within category. Some of these have been studied in clinical trials for beauty products, but many of these studies are somewhat limited. The science is still relatively primitive, with many of these ingredients supported by lab studies.

It is expected that this category will continue to grow in coming years as both brands and consumers begin to better understand the role that nutrition plays in hair, skin and nail health. Further research on the gut-skin axis and other ways that our largest organ, the skin, influences overall health are expected to drive continued interest. Beauty from Within supplements are now well-positioned to become a regular part of overall beauty regimens alongside the topical products that have long dominated the beauty category.


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