Nattokinase is an enzyme found in fermented soy beans known for its fibrinolytic activity. It has been shown to effectively break down fibrin and dissolve thrombus which improves overall cardiovascular health.


Fibrin, also known as “sticky blood”, is a protein that forms in the blood following an injury or trauma to prevent excess blood loss. Fibrin is also produced by inflammation caused by bacteria or toxins in the blood. This build-up of fibrin allows for blood clots to form, thereby slowing blood flow and increasing blood viscosity which may lead to elevated blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.


Presently, Urokinase is used in hospitals for fibrinolytic injections. The enzyme’s activity only lasts 4 – 20 minutes and it is extremely cost prohibitive. It has been found that a much smaller dosage of Nattokinase is active for 4 – 12 hours.



  • Heart Health
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