Why Suntheanine® Pairs Well with CBDs

May 2019

CBDs are the hottest natural products in the market today with consumer sales exploding, reaching $1.2 billion by 2020. New companies are developing hemp-based CBD products for pain relief, sleep, relaxation, cognitive function and more.

The challenge for dietary supplement manufacturers is that because hemp/CBD was not permitted for so long, very few studies have been conducted, and legitimate structure/function claims are unavailable. Of course, this will change over time, but clinical studies are still hard to do since IRBs (Institutional Review Boards), which have to authorize a clinical study, are in a bind due to the current regulatory status of CBDs. Without legitimate structure/function claims, brands are susceptible to FTC, individual plaintiff and class-action lawsuits.

Suntheanine® to the rescue!

Suntheanine® is the high purity form of the amino acid theanine. Suntheanine® is produced by an enzymatic process that results in the natural isomeric form of theanine (L-theanine), found in green tea.

Suntheanine® is the only L-theanine that has been extensively studied – in over 85 clinical studies. Suntheanine® comes packaged with numerous structure/function claims for cognitive, focus, memory, sleep, relaxation, PMS and more, that are directly derived from the clinical studies. Suntheanine® L-theanine is transported across the blood-brain barrier and increases brain alpha-wave production, especially under stress.

In the meantime (certainly over the next few years), an excellent solution to the current regulatory challenges would be to formulate a CBD product combined with Suntheanine®. This would allow the formulator to take advantage of the strong structure/function claims of Suntheanine® in synergy with the marketing power of CBDs. A potential concept for a dietary supplement formula could include: 200 mg Suntheanine® + 20 mg of full spectrum hemp powder, in a single capsule.

Combination Science

The combination of Suntheanine® L-theanine and CBDs is supported by biochemical evidence. L-theanine activates the glutamatergic system – the body’s amino acid signaling system that affects nervous system communication. CBDs activate CB1 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endogenous cannabinoid anadamide (present in the body), binds to CB1 receptors and activates them. The glutamatergic and endocannabinoid systems work together to modulate various biochemical pathways and ultimately brain function.

The combination of Suntheanine® + CBDs provides formulators and consumers alike with a unique formula that delivers a powerful one, two punch!

– Michael Lelah, PhD
NutriScience Chief Science Officer

For more information on Suntheanine®, visit: Suntheanine® Website

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