Chlorphenesin is used as an antimycotic agent (anti-microbial) used in cosmetic and personal care products As a preservative, Chlorphenesin can be utilized to help overcome formulation issues such as such as viscosity changes, pH changes, emulsion breakdown, visible microorganism growth, color changes and disagreeable odor formation. This ingredient is often found in products such as facial moisturizer, anti-aging treatment, sunscreen, foundation, eye cream, cleanser, mascara, concealer and nail treatments (anti-fungal).

Features & Benefits
  • Chlorphenesin is an organic compound that functions as a preservative at low concentrations. It is active against bacteria, some species of fungi and yeast.
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
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Clinical Studies

General studies supporting Chlorphenesin’s use as a preservative have been conducted

Formulating with Chlorphenesin

Chlorphenesin is soluble in water and can be formulated into creams, lotions and other skin care products, shampoos, conditioners and other bath products.

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