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D-Mannose is a single-molecule sugar related to glucose. It is found naturally in the body as well as in many fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, apples and green beans. As a simple sugar it hinders bacteria, specifically E. coli, from adhering to the urothelium. It is used primarily to support Urinary Tract Health. Urinary tract infections are caused by build-up of E. coli in the bladder and kidneys. D-mannose is known to hinder the bacteria from attaching to cells in the urinary tract, helping to eliminate it from the body.

D-Mannose is also used in personal care and cosmetic applications for its moisturizing and anti-aging effects. It acts to reinforce the moisture barrier to prevent water loss in the skin.

Features & Benefits
  • D-Mannose is a natural sugar that has been studied for its potential ability to support a normal healthy urinary tract.
  • D-Mannose is used in cosmetic formulas to make the skin more plump, minimizing fine lines.
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
  • Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals
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Formulating with D-Mannose

D-Mannose can be formulated as a dietary supplement into capsules and powders or can be added to drink powders for use as a functional beverage. D-Mannose can also be combined with other ingredients, such as SunCran®, for a more robust urinary tract health product.

D-Mannose can be added to cosmetic formulations that focus on moisturizing and anti-aging.

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