Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is an essential nutrient that is the building block for phosphatidylcholine cellular membranes and the precursor to acetylcholine, which is an important neurotransmitter involved in memory, muscle control, metabolism and transport of lipids. Choline bitartrate is the most recognized form of choline and has been extensively studied in clinical trials.

Features & Benefits
  • Prenatal use of choline bitartrate may lead to lifelong improvement of visuospatial memory in children born from the pregnancy and supplementation during infancy and childhood may lead to improved lifelong memory
  • Choline Bitartrate may help memory problems associated with aging.
  • As a nootropic, Choline Bitartrate my support brain health.
  • Choline Bitartrate has been shown to promote healthy liver function
  • Choline helps to reduce symptoms of fatigue, allowing increased energy and endurance
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Foods & Beverages
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Mechanism of Action

Choline participates in multiple critical biochemical pathways. It is a universal methyl donor. Choline is oxidized in the body to form betaine that then converts homocysteine to methionine. It is a precursor to acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, and is involved in skeletal muscle innervation and muscle control. It transports fats out of the liver into the bloodstream. Choline is a required component of VLDL transport lipoproteins. The body needs choline to synthesize phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, two major phospholipids vital for cell membranes. Choline also plays important roles in modulating gene expression, cell membrane signaling, lipid transport and metabolism, and early brain development.

Formulating with Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate contains 40% choline cation and is made from the natural form of L-tartaric acid. It is low odor, highly water soluble and bioavailable. It is available in powder form in various mesh sizes with or without added silicon dioxide (flow agent). It can be formulated into infant and prenatal formulas, sports nutrition products, vitamin and mineral products, and foods and beverages.


Choline Bitartrate is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for use in food and beverages. Meets USP/FCC monographs

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