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Pullulan is a natural, water-soluble polysaccharide for use in unique delivery systems. Its applications can include food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications. Pullulan is a white powder that is odorless, flavorless and highly stable. Pullulan films have low permeability to oxygen, which protects active ingredients, flavors and colors incorporated into the film from deterioration. Pullulan can be used as an adhesive, binder and thickener to modify or maintain the texture of food. It has high solubility in water and forms a viscous but non-gelling aqueous solution.

  • Film Strips
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
  • Food Additive
Features & Benefits
  • White, flavorless, odorless powder that is highly stable
  • Average molecular weight of 100,000 or 200,000 daltons
  • Water soluble – highly soluble, non-gelling
  • Excellent processing aid for dietary supplements and foods
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Formulating with Pullulan
  • Adhesive – strongly binds to food
  • Films – at 5-15% aqueous solution forms edible films
  • Processing aid – for granulation and pelletizing; tableting excipient
  • Carrier matrix – sustained delivery
  • Candies, soft chews, gummies
  • Beverages – provides texture and mouth feel – 0.2 – 0.4%
  • Food additive – soluble dietary fiber – use at 0.2 – 3% in bars, candies, etc.
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