Natural Ferulic Acid (Trans-Ferulic Acid from Rice Bran Oil)



Many plants contain Ferulic Acid, which plays a key role in a plant’s self-preservation mechanism, re-enforcing its cellular wall strength and protecting itself from microbial damage as well as sun damage. Ferulic Acid exhibits anti-oxidant properties, and is also used for photo protection.


Ferulic Acid, a powerful anti-oxidant derived from nature, and has been shown to fight the negative effects of various free radicals.


Additionally, Ferulic Acid has been used to stabilize Vitamin C & E formulations. Ferulic Acid has been widely used in cosmetics applications for absorbing UV rays (photo protective capacity, i.e. sunscreen) and has a skin-whitening agent. Ferulic Acid has anti-oxidant properties that make it especially useful in the formulation of anti-aging cosmetics.


NutriScience’s Trans-Ferulic Acid is derived from Rice Bran Oil. 



  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Cellular Health
  • Cosmetic & Oral Care
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